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~Five Gold Stars 'This one hooks you early. A page turner.' ~Five Gold Stars 'Everything that a suspense / mystery fan likes--action, adventure and a little romance thrown in.' ~Five Gold Stars ...the intrigue of espionage and compelling romance but so well researched it feels like something you might read in the NYT or WSJ.' ~Five Gold Stars 'This novel is going to be my Christmas present to quite a few friends. Don't miss it.' ~Five Gold Stars 'Despite non-stop action, it was the characters that lifted this book out of the ordinary.' ~Five Gold Stars '...hard to believe that a male author was able to portray women with such an authentic voice.' ~Five Gold Stars 'A page turner from the start...a journey of wonder and excitement.' ~Five Gold Stars '...plenty of good old James Bond action with romance scenes in between.'

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To Save $3.00 just promise to post a review on Amazon