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~Five Gold Stars 'This one hooks you early. A page turner.' ~Five Gold Stars 'Everything that a suspense / mystery fan likes--action, adventure and a little romance thrown in.' ~Five Gold Stars ...the intrigue of espionage and compelling romance but so well researched it feels like something you might read in the NYT or WSJ.' ~Five Gold Stars 'This novel is going to be my Christmas present to quite a few friends. Don't miss it.' ~Five Gold Stars 'Despite non-stop action, it was the characters that lifted this book out of the ordinary.' ~Five Gold Stars '...hard to believe that a male author was able to portray women with such an authentic voice.' ~Five Gold Stars 'A page turner from the start...a journey of wonder and excitement.' ~Five Gold Stars '...plenty of good old James Bond action with romance scenes in between.'

A Stay Up All-Nighter You Can't Put Down

Steamy Romance and Spine-Tingling Action
Britt Jaeger, a thirty-something, self-described “little Midwestern farm girl,” flees an abusive marriage, only to face a terrifying assault on her bus ride to New York.

Bruised, emotionally and physically, Britt arrives with one suitcase and money for two months in a roach motel apartment. She lands an entry-level Wall Street job under a lecherous manager whose eyes never rise above her cleavage. Working late one night, she is befriended by CEO Mackenzie Collingwood and introduced to “all the right people,” including the firm’s most important client, Colonel Rebekah Chayet, a former Mossad assassin.

All the right people become all the wrong people as the three women are caught in a cauldron of lies, violence, intrigue and sex when Britt is mistaken for the colonel and kidnapped in an Iranian conspiracy that could change the world’s balance of power.

The action and conflict in this romantic, espionage thriller are unnervingly interconnected as the story moves from New York to London, Tel Aviv, Tehran and Athens, even a private Caribbean island owned by seven of the richest women in the world.

Framed against real world geopolitical threats—including Al Quds commandoes, the first Iranian warships to transit the Suez Canal into the Mediterranean; the Stuxnet computer virus that destroyed thousands of Iran’s uranium centrifuges and the assassination of Iranian physicists—Jay Hawk is an extensively researched story of agonizing personal choices, individual responsibility and unintended consequences.

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