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~Five Gold Stars 'This one hooks you early. A page turner.' ~Five Gold Stars 'Everything that a suspense / mystery fan likes--action, adventure and a little romance thrown in.' ~Five Gold Stars ...the intrigue of espionage and compelling romance but so well researched it feels like something you might read in the NYT or WSJ.' ~Five Gold Stars 'This novel is going to be my Christmas present to quite a few friends. Don't miss it.' ~Five Gold Stars 'Despite non-stop action, it was the characters that lifted this book out of the ordinary.' ~Five Gold Stars '...hard to believe that a male author was able to portray women with such an authentic voice.' ~Five Gold Stars 'A page turner from the start...a journey of wonder and excitement.' ~Five Gold Stars '...plenty of good old James Bond action with romance scenes in between.'

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Attention Book Groups:
If you select Jay Hawk: The Assassin's Lover for your book group, I will try to be available to discuss it by phone, Skype or Facetime when your group meets. Please let me know how many in your group, when you meet, why you selected The Assassin's Lover, your time zone and a phone number. I will correspond with you by email before your meeting. I have been known to visit a book group or two in person.

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