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Sean Eagan Witnessed World-Changing Events Like Those He has Put to the Page

Sean Eagan is a 3-time Emmy-winning producer and director at CBS News and Sports. The late Tony Hillerman wrote 17 titles in his timeless Navajo detective series and sold millions of books. Tony was Sean's writing teacher and launched his writing career at the Associated Press.

He went on to work as the national radio editor at United Press International and has written and produced shows and features for Dan Rather, John Madden, Bill Kurtis, Bill Griffiths, and Sue Herrera. He is a member of the Association of Former Intelligence Officers and the Directors Guild of America.

BJ's Apartment, Award-Winning Author and Newsman in Norwalk, CT
Submarine, Award-Winning Author and Newsman in Norwalk, CT

Sean insists he was never a paid agent of the United States, or any other, government. His passport stamps just show him appearing in the strangest times at the strangest places. He was one of the first American journalists in Cuba in 1979.

Other travels found him in Poland, as martial law was declared to end the Solidarity reformation. And then he was in Egypt, 10 days before Anwar Sadat's assassination. He was then on the Thai-Burma border on the eve of the 8888 Democracy Uprising and Aung San Suu Kyi's rise to prominence.

Now, Sean splits his time between the Connecticut shoreline and the shores of Lake Tahoe.