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~Five Gold Stars 'This one hooks you early. A page turner.' ~Five Gold Stars 'Everything that a suspense / mystery fan likes--action, adventure and a little romance thrown in.' ~Five Gold Stars ...the intrigue of espionage and compelling romance but so well researched it feels like something you might read in the NYT or WSJ.' ~Five Gold Stars 'This novel is going to be my Christmas present to quite a few friends. Don't miss it.' ~Five Gold Stars 'Despite non-stop action, it was the characters that lifted this book out of the ordinary.' ~Five Gold Stars '...hard to believe that a male author was able to portray women with such an authentic voice.' ~Five Gold Stars 'A page turner from the start...a journey of wonder and excitement.' ~Five Gold Stars '...plenty of good old James Bond action with romance scenes in between.'

If you enjoy a spine-tingling spy story, read Sean Eagan's exciting Romantic Espionage Thriller, Jay Hawk: The Assassin's Lover, in the tradition Bond and Bourne. Don't plan on too much sleep after you meet his female assassin with the same pedigree as Daniel Silva's incomparable Gabriel Allon.


Non-stop action moves from New York to London, Tehran, Tel Aviv and Athens, when three Wall Street women are pitted against an Iranian spymaster with a personal grudge again one of them. When one of the women is caught in the spy master's trap and held aboard an Iranian tanker in the Port of Athens, death appears certain, when Western governments refuse to help, seeing no strategic, intelligence or political value in saving the victim.    CLICK TO ORDER with Amazon or CLICK TO ORDER HERE from Barnes and Noble

     Omono, Fact-Based Cyber-Terrorism Novel, in Norwalk, CT

Based on Real Events

Sean Eagan's novel is suspenseful and frighteningly believable because its more topical elements are based on fact.

This book is the result of extensive research mixed with spy and terrorist activities that have already played out in the real world.


Coupon, Fact-Based Cyber-Terrorism Novel, Norwalk in CT

To Save $3.00 just promise to post a review on Amazon
The result is a gripping and timely thriller that, while still fictional, plays out all too convincingly in this era of cyber-terrorism.


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